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1. We will arrange a delivery date at the time of purchase.

Scheduled delivery enhances the value of our home delivery service by allowing the customer to select the day and time of delivery directly before completing an e-commerce purchase.

We manage the order in a simple and efficient way so that our customers can check the status of the delivery at any time.

2. Travelling together to reach your destination.

Before the order is shipped to its final destination, we will notify the customer by phone and then by e-mail, text message or WhatsApp.

With the innovative Geofencing service, customers can track the delivery van and see its location on the map before it arrives at its destination.

3. We make sure that everything we offer is perfect.

Upon delivery, we inspect the packaging and the product together with the customer to make sure that it is in perfect condition.

A new digital experience that allows the customer to communicate with the Vendor online in real time during the after-sales phase. The customer can not only report that the delivery has been made and that the product and service are up to standard, but can also report any anomalies through photos.


Every company has a story to tell: this is our story, and we would like to share it with you.